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WCOs, rules-SOPs...

Before you go & do any target shooting or use loaded firearms, make fully sure you know and/or understand the range safety rules or PGC policy.

My good friend & I were cited by a crooked WCO(Wildlife Conservation Officer) and his nitwit deputy in SW Pa in 1999.
We each got tickets by the PGC officer(a sworn LEO who was armed).
The WCO lied repeatedly, never advised us of our rights, searched our private property w/o consent & blamed us for actions on a PGC range that we didn't do.
We pled not guilty & a district justice later sided with us in a court hearing.
The same WCO later "moved" to a new county(Clarion) & became "Officer of the Year" by the PGC in the mid 2000s.

ps; As we left the office, my friend heard the District Justice say to the WCOs; "I told you to stop doing this to people on state ranges."
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