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A nice little pistol.
I met a guy in northern Idaho who had one. Carried it in his pocket, completely unnoticed. He said he'd knocked off a few rabbits with it, and once discouraged a rough looking panhandler who became adamant.
I don't know if he had an original or later reproduction.
I seem to recall it had a brass frame. I'd be leery of dropping high velocity loads into a brass-framed anything. He carried his with standard velocity .22 Shorts, aware of its weak design.
The old originals shouldn't be fired with anything but the CB caps that CCI makes. These are smokeless rounds, but very low powered. Even then, I'd have the little darlin' checked by a gunsmith before firing.
God knows how many high velocity loads someone else might have run through it, causing an unnoticed crack, before it came your way.
Too many people have the attitude of, "Well, it didn't blow up in my hand, so it must be safe."
Alas, sometimes it takes a number of rounds before damage is apparent or a gun lets go. And with old guns, who knows what kind of High Pressure Hell or abuse they were subjected to before you got them.
Old guns are fun, but I always view them with scrutiny. Through the ages, idiots have always outnumbered the cautious.
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