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Sharps 4-barrel .22

One of the pistolas I'd like to find is the Sharps 4-barrel derringer, in .22, preferably. I understand that Sharps remade the gun a few years ago, but for a limited time. I see them once in a while on gunbroker, but they are always listed as having been made over a 100 years ago...which naturally calls for a higher price.

I'm not a collector of antiques & don't want what I call a 'museum piece'. I don't mean 'museum piece as a perjoritive, I simply don't want something that may not be safe to discharge with modern ammo.

Are there many of you fellow cowboy nerds (also not meant as a slight: I consider myself a nerd for all things cowboy/American frontier-related & use the word with some affection) who have these diminutive guns? How do I discern the old from the new? Are they relatively easy to repair if I find one that is not in the best working condition?

I appreciate your collective expertise...& wit. r
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