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Was there a legitimate warrant?
That is a relevant fact and important. That is really the only reason the cops are not going to jail. The get out of jail free card comes in handy.

Were there. MARKED police vehicles and personnel on scene?
This is an interesting aspect. Certainly police cars did not matter since they would not have been visible on purpose since it was a no-knock. Uniformed personnel make a difference too. Given the number of home invasions by fake police these days (especially vulnerable if you are {alleged} drug dealer like this guy) he would have had good reason to suspect fake police.

Regardless he would have had a very short period of time to make a choice, if they gave him any.

Did offender have a firearm and fail to drop it at the first sign of marked police officers?
That is what the police say. He sure is dead. The police lied about the suspect shooting at them however. They lied about a lot of other stuff too. They may have lied about him dropping his gun. We will never know for sure likely.

Did offender have a background of hanging with criminal?
Offender? What was he convicted of? If hanging with a criminal is a shootable offense then we would have no professional athletic teams.

Was a stolen shotgun recovered at offender's residence?
So? There was no warrant for the shotgun. They were looking for drugs. Who says he did not buy the shotgun from someone without knowing it was stolen? Do you research all the used guns you buy?

If these inquiries are answered in affirmative, why is there a controversy?
Pretty much covered your questions. But there were a lot of other issues too.
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