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While staying at my new house, I got one "bump in the night." It's just the wife and me along with 2 cats, so I'm used to hearing the cats chasing and such. Problem was both cats were on the bed and craning their necks and staring intently at the other side of the house where the sound came from. I suspected the mud room, where the back door is, though there is 2 locks along with a knob brace. I investigated with my EDC and flashlight (Kimber UCDP and Ray-O-Vac Sportsman Extreme) and it was indeed the mud room. A box had fallen off the top of one of the cupboards I had yet to install. We're slowly moving and boxes are common, but putting them where they can fall unannounced is not. The cupboards have since been installed and I make sure boxes aren't sitting haphazardly. I'm sure I could improve, but overall, I think I did OK, though I was terrified.
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