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My home alarm went off two days ago at 3AM. It took 15 seconds to gather my thoughts, get the eyes focused, get the 1911 and flashlight off of the nightstand, went to the Alarm Pad, read the zone which was the great room which is next to the bedroom one floor down with a 2 story ceiling. I remotely turned all lights on in the great room (X-25 Remotes all over the house), I pied the corner of the door out of the bedroom and looked down on the 4 windows in that zone and all looked secure. I turned the alarm off, called the monitoring station and told them all was well. The issue was two of the windows were not locked and over a period of time moved enough for one of the contacts to open. I secured both windows. It took more than a half hour to get back to sleep. My wife and I are the only two in the house so covering the house with a gun is not an issue for me. Later that day I re-checked the locking of all of the other windows.
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