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I'd say you find other concealed carry holders look at you with perhaps a little anger because (at least in my experience) the best part of CCW holders (again, that I know personally) have been involved in shooting sports for years, and most have served in the military. In job classifications that involve shooting on a regular basis.

I'll not claim to be a sniper, but I put a load of lead downrange during my time in the military, as well as survived a year in Uncle Sam's Summer Camp in SE Asia, as an infantryman. And though the eyes have went away a bit over the years, I can still shoot a pretty decent hole out of near the center of a bullseye target.
This is why Florida takes a DD214 in lieu of the training requirement.

I'm all for training.......................I'm against mandatory training.
That pretty much says it all.

I don't think the test should be extremely difficult. We're not training Navy SEALS here. In my opinion, they should require a minimum score at each distance, instead of basing the score on total points. Good Heavens, somebody who can't hit a foot-wide target at 15 yards with 1 out of 10 shots shouldn't be carrying.
How often is an armed robber going to stand across the street from the ATM, yelling "Give me your money!" ? Most lethal force incidents happen at arm's length; I'd bet 90% are within 10 feet at the most. Why should we require someone to shoot at 15 yards to CCW? It's not like we're requiring them to intervene in a bank robbery.
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