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Lanny Breuer's assertions that the ATF had not walked guns, apparently, is due to incorrect information being fed to him. The trail goes back one or two levels, but, in the end, we still don't know who started the lies.
The version I read blamed Dennis Burke for the initial lies and said Breuer was away on a 3-day trip to Mexico when the response was drafted and so he didn't know the exact details. Burke apparently claimed the Terry murder guns were purchased prior to F&F (which Burke apparently knew to be false based on later emails concerning those guns). Apparently Jacob Weinstein led the draft effort - which raises an interesting question...

Here you have an accusation the Phoenix ATF is walking guns to Mexico. As it turns out, we know by email evidence that both Weinstein and Breuer knew about Wide Receiver and that guns had walked. Breuer even claims he flew to Phoenix to reprimand the people involved. Now you have another accusation of gunwalking involving those same three people and you just take your AUSA's word that it is totally untrue? Even if you're that gullible, how do you fail to mention the previous incident you know about? Looks like Breuer and Weinstein are going to Congress...
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