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Since you mention Austin, note that in Texas you cannot legally carry in a bar, nightclub or other 51% establishment. Therefore if you have been in one of these places, you have either gone there without a sidearm or you have carried there in defiance of the law.
Exactly right TXHootus. A person has no business in an alcohol establishment in Texas, if he is carrying a gun and has a gun permit. One needs to make a choice in Texas, because that is illegal. The 51% sign and the 30.06 signs are the two signs you have to comply with in Texas.

And incidentally, Texas has no brandishing law. The law in Texas is you
are in violation for Intentional Unconcealment, not accidental. And if one is
threatened, he is not going to jail for having to expose the gun to stop an
assault, but if he has been drinking and gets in a confrontation, then he
has a problem. As for me, I do not drink, but if I did, I would not carry.
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