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Depends on MS law as I read the ATF regulations... according to the ATF you are living in MS and thus can buy from a MS resident...

Don't know about the state law.... I don't think voter cards and DLs are legally needed to be a 'resident'....

example... I have a 2nd home in N.C. Technically, while I am staying in that home, I'm a resident of N.C.

Now, I'm not trying to tell you or 'the friend' to do anything illegal here, don't want to get booted off this forum or suspended again, but that is how I read the atf rules.... the key in your question was a private sale... FFL's require all kinds of documentation to prove you are a resident of a state... so that they don't get in trouble with the government...

But, I think while a person is living in a state they are according to the BATFE a resident of that state and can purchase a firearm from another resident of that state.... if the state doesn't restrict private sales of that type firearm.
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