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I doubt their plan to use private property will be allowed by authorities, the ones "squatting" in foreclosed homes were "evicted", weren't they? And their plan to "defend" homeowners facing eviction will be "evicted" along with the former homeowner, as the lending institution has retaken the property for lack of payment on the mortgage.

Our local "occupy" movement has a FaceBook page (as I suppose most all do), and this past week, the city planned to move them off of city owned park land (sadly, my city leaders lack testicular fortitude). One of their members explained he wasn't out there in the camp, but was working behind the scenes as he feared he'd get violent when confronted by critics. (He also shared that he had been incarcerated for 12 years, fighting the "struggle" within the penal system).

But he proudly said that when it came to armed confrontation (and he assured us it would eventually), he'd be out there taking up arms. I cautioned him to remember that his fellow "occupy" members likely would be sort of challenged on which end of the firearm to pick up, and most certainly wouldn't own any of those "evil" guns.

But, the side they'd be battling against DO own guns and know how to use them.
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