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The two adult male suspects were in the process of emptying the store's cash register when the clerk fatally shot one of them, said Toledo police Sgt. Joe Heffernan. The victim, who was struck multiple times, collapsed right in front of the counter.

The clerk, whose name police withheld, was working by himself at the time.

The robbery attempt was caught on a store video camera. Forensic experts are reviewing the tapes.
Disclaimer: The comments below are aimed towards the comments on the original website.

I can only assume that the adult males got to the process of emptying the store's cash register because they were armed.

The clerk probably feared for his life, i.e. the robbers would rob him but shoot him anyway.

Also, tapes are still in review, so I don't see how people can defend the robbers. It's not about defending the cash in the register, it's about making sure one gets out alive in an uncertain situation.

LOL @ close minded people calling others close minded.

Just shut up and wait for further news.
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