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buying out of state transferring to NJ

Hello All, Ive used this site in the past . Its been quiet some time since ive been here so i forgot my original SN.
So here is my question,which i think i already know the answer to. Cant hurt to check though.
Here in NJ you may not legally possess any magazine with a capacity greater then 15 rounds. So i found and AR-10 on Bud's gunshop great price. Here's the problem it comes with a 10 and 20 rnd mag. So i had a friend buy it and have it shipped to them (VT). Then they will remove the 20 rnd mag and ship to my FFL in NJ. Other then the magazine the gun is NJ legal. This would not be considered a straw purchase since it will be shipped to a FFL in NJ and then legally transferred to my name. Am I correct or have i missed some obscure law?
My friend will have the gun transferred to their name then it will be shipped and transferred to my name.
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