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Obama’s Secret Plan To Destroy The Second Amendment By 2016

Four US Supreme Court Justices are now over the age of 70 and three of them will be over the age of 80 by the end of Obama's second term. He could likely appoint 3 more Justices if he is re-elected. An anti-gun Court would be free to re-define and dismantal the RKBA out of existence. The current anti-gun Justices have already stated their intention to do exactly that.

Anti-Second Amendment Justice Ginsberg has stated that the majority opinions in this case are “grievously mistaken” and that minority opinions would be used to rewrite legal history and create a purely “collective right connected to the militia” once they had a majority.

Obama and the Democratic majority Senate appointed anti-Second Amendment Justices Sotomayor and Kagan (replacing Stevens). All they need is one more like minded Justice to get a majority of five anti’s and implement their stated agenda through the courts.

In addition, Obama and a Democrat Senate would likely sign on to the UN global gun ban treaty and the OAS gun control treaty.

In the very least, if Obama is re-elected, gun control will no longer be "under the radar" and we'd see more regulations and executive orders governing every aspect gun and ammo ownership and commerce.

If we want to protect the Second Amendment, we need to get a Republican in the White House and a pro-RKBA Republican majority and leadership in the Senate.

Link To Article:

Obama’s Secret Plan To Destroy The Second Amendment By 2016
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