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I work for an auto dealer group and collect from about 6 of our stores. On a typical month I collect roughly 4 full Homer pales of ww. Out of 4 full pails I will get about 100-120 lbs. of tape on weights and about 20-30 pounds of clip on weights. All of these dealers are high end luxury and almost everything we use is a tape on weight. After doing all this sorting I have gained a pretty good feel for what clip on weights are lead and which ones are not by the feel and size of the weight. Zinc weights are almost twice the size for the same weight as lead is. Occasionally I will use the side cutter test if unsure. I do keep the tape and clip ons separate. I find that tape on weights with a hand full of clip on in my 10lb Lyman pot water droped work really well in my 45. Use about 50/50 when casting for the 38 super or my 9’s.
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