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You want to see a shocking abuse of gun trace data in violation of the Tiarht Amendment?

Look at the Washington Post story naming which gun shops had the most guns traced to them from Mexico. The Post doesn't say how it obtained that information, which could only come from the ATF. However, the Tiarht Amendment prevents the ATF from legally sharing that information with the Washington Post. So either the Post obtained the info illegally from the ATF or the ATF illegally leaked the info to the Post.

Not suprisingly, the gun shops being used by ATF for Fast and Furious were number 1 and number 2 on that list. And several Houston-area gun stores being used by ATF were also on the list (Carter's Country). So at the same time ATF was directing these FFLs to sell semi-automatic rifles to known straw purchasers, they were also illegally leaking the names of these FFLs to the Washington Post as sources of crime guns.

And then two days after the Washington Post does their story, they release this proposed regulation for multiple long gun sales reporting.

I'm curious whether the figures Sen. Feinstein entered into the record reflect similar chicanery?
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