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Is it just me or has the world flipped upside down.???

Two people hold up a woman at gun point, pistol whip her and run. A CCW holder gives chase and catches up. Bad guy/girl draw gun(s) on CCW holder.

CCW holder shoots and kills the guy.

Now he is the focus of a criminal investigation??? *** is wrong with this world.
It is just you. The CCW holder commited homicide. Most states have laws that pertain to homicides being investigated. And he should have been investigated for his actions. Stories are not always what they appear to be from the start. You have the luxury of know what the story is AFTER all the facts are in and still managed to get some of it wrong. The police and DA do not.

I have read cases of "home invasions" where the homeowner shot and kille done or more "intruders." Turns out, the "intruders" were not home invaders, but people invited in the home for the purpose of a drug transaction. At first glance, people like you would question what is wrong with the world when some poor guy defends his home so valiently from bad guys who invaded it, but that isn't what happened.

It seems the Police and DAs around the country are more concerned with what good people do with guns to defend themselves and their property instead of focusing on bad guys/gals.
See, once again you are approaching the story from after all the facts are in and still getting things wrong. The police and DA don't know who the good poeple are until AFTER they investigate. In this case, the good guy wasn't defending his own property either.

It seem simple. If you do not want to risk getting shot, do not rob/attack/rape/assault/burglarize etc... If you do IMHO it is just tough what happens to you.
Got it. So by your logic if you get shot, you must have been the person robbing/attacking/raping/assaulting/burglarizing etc. somebody else? Maybe you think the woman who got pistol whipped deserved it because she was doing something wrong? OR, maybe things aren't nearly as simple as you think they are?

The CCW holder is not being charged with any crimes and apparently is cleared of any wrong doing.
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