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Is it just me or has the world flipped upside down.???

Two people hold up a woman at gun point, pistol whip her and run. A CCW holder gives chase and catches up. Bad guy/girl draw gun(s) on CCW holder.

CCW holder shoots and kills the guy.

Now he is the focus of a criminal investigation??? *** is wrong with this world.

At the same time people bitch about others standing around and doing nothing when women are attacked or raped in public.

The law needs to decide that is okay to help others who are being attacked. It needs to decide that when you rob/rape/attack/burglarize etc you are a criminal and those who have to act to defend against them are in fact the victims here. Sorry, but it is insane to require you to hand over all your stuff house/car/money and run like a coward vs defending yourself or others.

It seems the Police and DAs around the country are more concerned with what good people do with guns to defend themselves and their property instead of focusing on bad guys/gals. It seem simple. If you do not want to risk getting shot, do not rob/attack/rape/assault/burglarize etc... If you do IMHO it is just tough what happens to you.

I guess I am too old at 54 as it is now wrong to defend yourself and others. And right to feel all teary about a robber/rapist/burglar who by their own action gets killed/or shot.

We really need to wake up people and vote these DAs and judges out who feel law abiding citizens defending themselves are more dangerous than gangs. The truth is they go after law abiding citizens because it is way safer and easier than to arrest a real criminal....

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