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claymore1500, please understand that I can not speak for anyone but myself.

I spend a lot of time reading court briefs (on all the 2A litigation that is going on) and doing my best to understand the issues and the probable results. Then I report them here. I also spend time logging on to PACER and downloading these briefs and just refreshing dockets. That cost $$$ that I have never asked anyone to reimburse me for.

So why do I do it?

For the love of my rights as an American. To be able to in some small way to pay back the generosity of our benefactor, of what Rich has put together here, on this website. To help out in the overall scheme of protecting and enhancing our 2A rights along with the rest or our rights.

Yet, modesty would prevent me from allowing such a thread, as you suggest, simply because it's not a proper topic for our forum. The occasional post in some of the threads are noted (indeed! they are welcomed). The occasional PM's I receive (and I know the other mods get them also) are also welcomed.

These tell me we are doing it right. That's all that really matters, as it's not about us (or even Rich), it's about TFL and keeping it relevant in a changing world.

So... Before anyone else chimes in (and I get ), question asked and answered and thread closed.
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