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I don't think any of the above make sense. But, given the lousy wording of the law,
As a side note, here in FLA when the CC laws were written and introduced into law they were anything but perfect.
Before the laws were amended, If you lived across the street from a school or were driving past the school you were in violation of the CC law providing you had a CC license. Duh-huh jeez we didn't think of that. Big whoops. As it stands looking at things as I approach 60 years old the federal government has done plenty wrong/get plenty wrong and when it is realized it takes forever to correct it or they just say screw it and do nothing.
Living in FLA I am more than happy with the current respiratory agreement that FLA has with other states.
Born and raised in NYC I have no desire to go back to the big apple, NJ, DC, IL, CA. This again as others have stated is NOT THE MAGIC CURE ALL PILL. Folks that are so engraved in the 2 nd. amendment and have had no luck getting CCW permits laws changed can always move if it means that much to them.
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