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270 Win & Barnes 110 TTSX

My intent with this post is to share some information for those interested in the subject.

My rifle of choice is the 270 Win Ruger M77 Hawkeye equipped with a Burris Black Diamond 8x32 scope.

I have been an avid deer hunter for the past 50 years and a dedicated reloader for the past 40 years. I cannot remember the last time I purchased a box of factory loaded ammunition. I have always shoot Nosler bullets in a variety of rifles over the years and have no complaints with that bullet. It has put a lot of deer in my freezer & some nice horns on the wall.

In 2009 I got interested in the Barnes TTSX 130 and loaded them with 57.5g of H3841sc & a COL of 3.340. This round was very accurate and put 3 deer in the freezer for me. One a nice 8pt, chest shoot at 225 yards (stand to feeder). Two does at the same range, both neck shoots.

In 2010 I decided to try the Barnes 110g TTSX because I was wanting a little flatter trajectory due to the distances of possible shots at our lease. I loaded the 110g TTSX with 57.5g of H4350, COL – 3.340, Velocity 3300 fps. Shoot 7/8” 3 round groups at 100 yards. Went to the lease and took a really nice 10pt at 225 yard. The bullet entered just behind the left shoulder and exited just behind his right shoulder. The bullet shattered ribs on entry and exit, exit wound was approximately 2.5”. The heart & lungs were torn to pieces. I was amazed at the damage that bullet caused. After impact the buck ran for 10 yards & dropped. I had one concern with this round and it was the COL which resulted in a very shallow depth of the bullet. I was unable to find any information concerning seating depth for this bullet.

This year while in Cabela’s I found that Federal loaded the 270 win with the Barnes 110 TTSX with an advertised velocity of 3400 fps.. When I examined the round I saw the seating depth was much deeper than the rounds I was loading. I bought the box and measured the COL, it was 3.22. With my rifle still set for the COL round of 3.340 I shoot a 3/4” group one half inch right of zero point. I was surprised to say the least. So far this hunting season I have taken 2 does at 220 yards both neck shots with devastating wounds and 2 pigs both broadside head shoots at the same range. Bullets exited the pigs skulls leaving a large exit wound.

I have written to Federal requesting information on the powder type used in their loads but have not received anything from them as of the date of this post.

I hope that this post is not to lengthy but I wanted to let the 270 fans out there know what the Barnes 110g TTSX was capable of doing in the field.

Please feel free to contact me if you should have any questions or comments.
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