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Winchester model 94-30, SN 14484XX

I have this Model 94 listed in the title and I would like to know more about it, but the SN falls in that 1942 to 1947 block where there are no records. In the early 50's we lived in a small town in LA (lower Alabama) named Dothan. Dad was the Goodyear tire dealer there and some time in the early 50's Dad took this Model 94 in as part of a deal for some tires. The story that came with the gun was that it had been carried by the guard in an armored car company. I entered the Air Force in 1953 and by 1955 I was stationed in Rapid City, SD. I had taken the 94 with me to Rapid City but the gun had some problems. The gun had been handled so much that most of the bluing was worn off and wood showed lot of wear. The pins in the lever mechanism were badly worn and every time I shot it I had a hard time extracting the shell casing. I turned it over to a local gun smith and had it blued, new pins in the lever mechanism, and the head spacing reset. The gun smith told me the barrel was excellent. So here we are 50 plus years later and I can shoot a 3 inch group off a bench rest at 100 yards all day with it. I know now that you are not supposed to refinish these old guns but I did it for me and not for resale. Is there anyone out there that might shed some light on the history of this Model 94? Thanks
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