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Force on Force, not IFF (identify Friend or Foe).

Maybe my philosophy is different from others, but when I'm carrying a firearm, my goal is to do everything I can to keep myself out of a situation where I'd need to use it. (The corollary to that is when I'm not carrying, I do everything I can to keep myself out of a situation where I wished that I had one.)
Ah, so you are not one of the self appointed 'sheepdogs' who make it their business to tend to other people's problems because you are of a moral character above the general population, having superior bravery, and superior skills? I am poking fun at the good Colonel's story, of course. There are those who make a mission in life to help others regardless of the cost. It is nice, but not something everything can do or should do. However, there are a lot of folks that think because they are armed with a gun that they should be righting wrongs, protecting everyone they see. I don't know why they just don't become cops.
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