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If you really think you're going to be able to carry in New York City, Baltimore, or Washington DC with the passage of this bill...
Yes, I honestly believe this as stated before. Unfortunately, you can not conclusively say otherwise. "That's why they play the game" is a 'shoe' that fits. There was a time that the thought of medical marijuana was a pipe dream(coincidence on example//just a reminder that things can and do change//the draft for War as another example).

Taking a meager victory now isn't practical if it comes at the expense of even worse grief later. If the bill were to pass, it would be whittled down to an ineffectual splinter by subsequent legislation and local ordinances.
You know to put the same phrase back on you basically, you are making an assumption here. You have no evidence of this. It is extremely easy for the federal law to trump state and obviously local ordinances. At the moment(easy fix and something they wouldn't forget when they're tying the shoe), the only escape would basically be to cancel CCW completely. Do you think every anti-state is going to do this even if they have the option and even if there is no consequences set forth by the fed govt? Most are all bark and no bite. They will not bite that hand that feeds them. They are all family and stick together anyways(except when they are fighting).
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