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You have a 1st Model PREMIER 5th Variation made in 1904, as indicated by the patent dates in the barrel rib stamp and the 'A' letter code preceding the serial number. This is the small frame auto ejecting revolver first made in 1895 and continued in production, in two model series, and a multitude of improvements, until the beginning of US involvement in WW2. The 1st Model was produced from 1895 thru 1904 as a 5 shot BLACK POWDER .32 S&W and a 7 shot .22 short or long (some will chamber long rifle cartridges - but the modern versions should not be fired in that model.)
Standard offering is: 3" barrel, Nickel plated; cylinder stop (keeps cylinder from "free wheeling" as found in earlier versions); 5 x .32 or 7 x .22 chambering; molded, black hard-rubber grip panels. Optional features are: 4", 5" or 6" barrel; blued finish (scarce); checkered walnut, Mother-of-Pearl and Ivory grip panels. Optional features will add extra value.
Value of this model and variation is primarily as a collectible item - because of the black powder restriction, it is not so much in demand as a shooter piece.
Current RETAIL value for a piece in V.GOOD condition (such as yours) is in the $150 to $175 range.
Here's a pic of one made around the same time as yours, that has some desireable "optional" features, including the spurless "safety hammer" which when installed on a revolver H&R used the "POLICE" designation.

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