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I could care less who knows I own guns, but that is a separate issue that I do not believe but obviously would be against. If they did that or do that, this bill has nothing to do with it.
On the surface it has noting to do with it as it was stated by another member this bill passing will allow the camel to poke its nose under the tent. This is one reason for privacy the State of FLA has stopped placing the CC permit holders address on the CC license. Again MY OPINION down the line if this bill becomes law the Feds will know who owns what as far as firearms go and thats a bad thing and there would be nothing any one of us could possibly do to stop that from happening.

If they did that or do that, this bill has nothing to do with it.
This the opening of the door.

My curiosity is up with regards to where people are living that are in favor or against this bill.
Are folks for this bill that are living in states that are the short list of reciprocity states. Here in FLA we are reciprocity with 33 states. Just curious. Maybe the mods could set up a poll as to in favor and against with state of residence.
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