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1)good article^


2)tom, let me rephrase though I felt I made my point: at the moment it is as good as it gets. I'll take what I can get & the good w/the bad.

as for a ccw database. this is inevitable. states keep track of who has permits too, and in fact a federal database might allready exist even though it is virtually pointless @ the moment since states handle their own(all it would be is a list of already existing lists anyways). they have a right to keep track of those that have permits. some might dispute it, but you will need to renew your permit eventually just like a license.

now, I have been hearing for DECADES how the DMV is National now that maybe in some places but more often than not it seems to stay at the can purposely or by mistake slip thru the cracks with the state thing(call that the last paragraph babble but I used that growing up in my favor on more than one occaision). Heck you can even get away w/2 licenses...they don't even cancel the old outofstate one when you turn it in upon getting new one in new state
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