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great gpa's h&r top break .32

im trying to identify and value this revolver.

the top strap reads:
Harrington & Richardson arms company
Worcester, mass. usa. pat. oct. 4. '87. apr. 2. '95. apr. 7. '96.

the serial # is on the but of the grip(A2 5 563). its a .32(im assuming s&w short(black or smokeless?)). the cylinder and ejector read "563".

its a 5 shot, its got a 3" barrel, nickel plating on all but the trigger, guard, and hammer. the plastic grips are not broken, but there is some pitting in the barrel, cylinder face, and on the muzzle. it also has quite a few scratches.
at "half cock" the cylinder moves right and left just off the chamber, but
it locks up up fairly tight.

my great grandfather got it in the 40's because somebody owed him money, and he took it and several other items instead.
my grandmother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer so my grandfather is getting rid of all his guns.

im planning on keeping this one but would like an accurate value to pay my grandfather.
id also like to occasionally shoot it as well if i can get the right ammo.
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