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US arsenals' spec'd 50,000 CUP for both the 30 caliber and 7.62 NATO round. Winchester established the commercial and established the SAAMI spec for .308 Win. to 52,000 CUP during the time they filled the first big contract for NATO ammo. Friend of mine who used to be a Remington field rep said lots of folks at Remington wanted the company to make a civilian version back in the '50's for that round but nobody there in high places wanted to.

Regarding .30-06 velocities and stuff, 'twas proved at one of the arsenals that IMR4064 produced higher velocities and better accuracy with the same peak pressure as IMR4895. But one had to weigh each charge 'cause 4064 didn't meter very uniformly in high speed loading machines. Civilians reloading for .30-06 Garands did well in competition using 4064 over 4895.

My point was and still is, the NATO round is a bit short on velocity and energy compared to the .30-06 using arsenal specs, but not very much. Note the arsenals used 22-inch test barrels for the NATO round whereas they used a 24-inch barrel for the .30-06. At the same barrel length and all other dimensions equal, there's not much difference.

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