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I would be willing to bet that the family wins the lawsuit. With that said, this is one of those sorts of no-win situations for both sides. The officers had a valid search warrant, correct address, their subject was inside at the time. They executed the warrant legally. Unfortunate for both sides is that suspicions about the suspect may have turned out to be unfounded.

His weapon was on safe,IMHO the swat team was in a big hurry and screwed up by being triggerhappy when one of their own tripped over his own feet.
I don't know that the SWAT Team screwed up based on the information provided from several articles. The response was typical for encountering an armed gunman moving aggressively towards them during an entry. Just because the guy's rifle might have been on safe really has no bearing on the fact that he would have appeared to have intent, opportunity, and ability to cause severe bodily injury or death of the officers. So the shooting is likely justified in terms of criminal law.

An AR-15? he was ready but no single man is a match for several. That only happens in the movies.
Actually no, this does happen in real life. Here is a fine example...
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