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I think it's disturbing that the department asserts "that high-powered rifles and bulletproof vests that were found in Guerena's home after the shooting back up investigators' belief that Guerena was involved in drug trafficking"

This is a factoid that no one has challenged. They're making an assertion that having a bullet proof vest equates to having drug paraphanalia, lab equipment, processing chemicals / drug lab etc...

And a high powered rifle? What exactly is a high-powered rifle? That could be any hunting rifle, and probably is...

In northern climates, in the winter, I think a bullet-proof vest would be a good thing to have. I know that they are normally very hot to wear, but in the cold, they're not that bad.

I hope no one begins accepting that having body armor means you have criminal intent.

On the other hand, the claim that a stolen shotgun was found in the home - if true, is disturbing.
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