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Originally Posted by dieselbeef View Post
so yall are sayin no one knows what i own or dont? then why the ffl transfr crap everytime i buy one....just a felony check? seems likely more than that
Well if you look, you can find many that agree with you. Supposedly though, after the NICS check, the data is deleted from the FBI's servers at midnight.

One thing the checks do is "assure" that only the good guys get the guns. Transferring through an FFL is also the only legal way to do an out of state transfer to another individual.

However, you will hear stories from various FFL's regarding various federal agencies calling them about a specific gun that was used in a crime, at which point the FFL has to dig up the 4473 and see who they sold the gun to. But all that shows is who they SOLD it to. How does the fed know which gun was sold from which FFL unless they have a database? Well, there are, I hypothesize, two possibilities:

1) The 4473 information is passed along before deleted.

2) Due to a foggy mixture of federal regulations and self-imposed accounting and inventory purposes, gun manufacturers keep record of which guns were shipped to which FFL, and thus the fed can ask/subpoena for the information when a crime is committed.

IF the first is true, I suppose that someone in the fed is LOL'ing themselves to sleep every night at how foolish we are for believing their "we don't keep these records" nonsense.

IF the second is true, I suppose in a sense, we have essentially registration without a central database. However this would theoretically only involve people that bought new firearms from an FFL. In this scenario the "trail" should stop once the gun is sold or traded, even if it goes through an FFL during this process.
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