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There have been several cases of people impersonating police officers around the country and southern AZ or all of AZ for that matter. If you read any south of the border news the mexican mafia uses this tactic alot,I dont know about this one though sounds weird as all get out. An AR-15? he was ready but no single man is a match for several. That only happens in the movies. All this swat team did was follow orders from someone above in the chain., sounds like bad,bad intell on there part, then again there have been bad cops. Personally i tend to give them the benefit of doubt until after the hearing or trial. Dont give me the crap about being an ex-marine their squeaky clean either,when i was in the Army we had a guy arrested for doing breaking&entering into people homes today called home invasion. Didnt take long for the Colorado
Springs PD to arrest him. turned out he had a very high end business going, i lost a TV from the gig that i had bought from him and it was hot and didnt know it,the cops took it though.Another GI got into some big hassles buy buying a pistol off of him that he had stolen out of someones apt. Like everything else today they lawyer up real quick, Im 57 and it wasnt like this 50 yrs ago. The whole thing is real,real sad.
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