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Originally Posted by nopants
I am going to be moving to CA soon from NH and have a few questions....
You can probably find all the answers you need in detail here. The short answers are:
1) It is my understanding that suppressors are not allowed at all in CA. Is this true?

Yes, it's true. In general, possession of a suppressor is a felony in California.

2) Do I need to make sure my firearms are on the approved roster for CA, even as a non-resident? I want to bring a USP SD 9mm, but it is not listed on the approved list. I also have a USP 9mm V1 that is on the approved list.

In general, you may bring into California handguns not on the approved roster. The roster is an issue only when buying a handgun from a dealer in California. However, certain features on a handgun, such as a thread barrel, would cause the handgun to be classified as an assault weapon in California and therefore illegal to possess.

3) I believe that CCW is impossible without a CA residency and even with residency, it is up to the town and very hard to get in most cases. Do I need any other permits or registrations to keep a firearm in my own home, specifically the registering of firearms with the "New resident handgun ownership report"?

A gray area, but you will probably need to register any handguns you bring within 60 days.

4) The laws seem to prohibit bringing any high capacity magazines into the state. Does this include magazines purchased before 2000, even though they were purchased out of state? I have no proof that my magazines were purchased before 2000 and they look pretty identical to ones purchased after 2000. Can I bring in pre-ban mags with date markings or other age proof?

The short answer is "no", you may not bring "pre-ban" high capacity magazines into California. A California resident who possessed a high capacity magazine in California before 1 January 2000 may keep it. But high capacity magazines may not be brought intact into California, no matter when they were manufactured or possessed outside of California.
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