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I feel you pain guys. I am 67 years old, but I am really very fortunate that I am still in pretty good shape for my age. I have had a CHL for many years, and currently carry a 1911, M&P 45C, and or S&W 340PD on a daily basis. I am starting to get some intermittent arthritis in my left hand that could slow me down if it moves to my right hand. I have switched to reduced recoil 00Buck in my HD shotgun.

I think if I had to fight my way out of trouble today my hands would suffer much worse than my adversary therefore it is not an option. After hearing the old adage "Never try to fight with an old guy, because he will just kill you" makes more sense to me now.

As far as senior training, I have never seen any in Texas, but then again most seniors around here were raised with guns and are pretty proficient by the time they are seniors. It would not be a bad idea to have some training on working around disabilities like arthritis, etc.

Good luck to you all and keep fighting to stay young.
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