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Originally Posted by nate45
Old guys are eccentric.
Define "old" - over what age?
I know some pretty eccentric 35 year olds too.

Carrying a P-38 for CCW is eccentric, I don't care what anyone says.
A P-38 is eccentric? Unusual perhaps, but not eccentric. I've done it for grins. It's not an easy gun to conceal. But it's no larger than a Beretta 92FS, firing system works about the same.

Everyone over 75 has some degree of dementia.
You have proof? Mom is 89 and can remember every item she wants on her shopping list from week to week. Another relative is 77 and still enjoys repairing lawn mowers, washer, dryers and more. What IS true, that I've noted is that they are more easily surprised and their reaction times are slower due to age.

He is probably lonely and/or wanted to talk about/show off his P-38.
As opposed to a lonely younger man who wants to show off his Sig P226?

A younger person probably wouldn't have done it or would have clued you and your buddy in better before doing it.
There's no basis in fact for this statement.
What people will or won't do is a crap shoot.

Was he wrong? Probably. He certainly lacked courtesy to the others present. He was probably listening and simply happy to hear others casually discussing something he knew about.
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