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She meant you should go read her history. We all know (or should) that pretty much all history books are written to promote some official or quasi-official perspective. In the United States, I'm sure if I were to read some American History textbooks today I would find little in common with the textbooks I studied (I use the term loosely) back when I was in grammar and high school shortly after the signing of the Magna Carta. I'm sure American History today puts much more emphasis on blacks and Hispanics than "the history" I was taught -- even though it's the same country and the events of 200-plus years ago didn't change just because someone wrote a new book to promote a slanted agenda.

Which leads one to wonder if perhaps in (formerly) Great Britain they might actually be teaching that Cornwallis never surrendered, or that the redcoats went home because they got bored.

A year ago I was in a South American country, speaking with a government attorney and a social worker with a government agency. The topic of our Thanksgiving came up and the attorney matter-of-factly informed the social worker that the American holiday of Thanksgiving "is the day when Americans celebrate killing all the Indians."

YIKES! But ... she didn't make that up. Somebody had to have taught her that. (And, considering the way her country has treated some of its indigenous residents, it wouldn't surprise me to find that they deliberately mis-cast our Thanksgiving so as to make their own transgressions appear less genocidal by comparison.)
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