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I wasn't citing the law

chris, thanx for your post. erring on the side of caution is always a good choice but waiting until this is hashed out is a little much in my opinion. motorycles were established as vehicles decades ago...either way I don't think someone is gonna legally hash out adding a motorcycle to this law. most motorcycles have a compartment on the seat but that was a good point. the weapon would have to be concealed and if the law allows concealed on your person then any motor vehicle will suffice. I'm not trying to pick things apart, I just don't see why the OP can't exercise his rights here. If he is a law-abiding citizen, can legally own and/or buy a firearm, and if he travels with it concealed, then he is in the clear. He does not need a CCW in TX to do this. If he has a CCW in TX now or in the future, he must give his CCW permit to the Officer with his license upon being pulled over. any more feedback is appreciated, I enjoyed reading your 1st post.
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