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Customer pulls out gun, things go better then expected.

Sometimes its better to think and watch then react
I was hanging out at a local thrift store with the cashier who is a fellow gun nut. We were having a conversation about the different weaponry of WWII when suddenly a very old 80 something year old comes to the counter and pulls out what appears to be a Walther P38 from his holster that is attached to his belt. It was covered by a jacket. For a second I think its a replica or something , he then unloads it and starts talking about it.

The funny thing is there are about a dozen customers in the store and one even waiting on line that react like everything is normal , it was very strange, as if we live in the wild west or something. It was just so bizarre, I thought for sure someone would freak out.

I had my .380 on me but I did not even touch it becuase
  • First I thought it was fake
  • Then I was just startled/shocked
  • By that time the weapon was already unloaded
  • The gun was never pointed at me , the barrel was pointed to the floor

This just shows you have to expect the unexpected, even a 80 something year old pulling out a gun. The whole thing could have been worse, thankfully this was more like a wake up call.

This occurred in South Florida
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