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if you do have something in your personal history that is causing the denial you are probably committing a felony by attempting to purchase a firearm.
Well I don't know of any law that makes it a crime to try to attempt to buy a firearm. But given the diversity of state law throughout the country, I suppose anything is possible. In my case, I was denied even though I was perfectly legal at the time. I appealed, and they provided their reason for the denial, and invited me to prove otherwise. I complained by email but did not offer any proof. The next time I tried I was successful.

If you ever get denied you need to find out why
That is very true. The NICS agency sends a letter by default when you're denied - you should not have to do anything other than wait. But as for state background checks, I don't know how it works.

The thing to remember is, a denial does not necessarily mean you can not legally own a gun, and an approval does not necessarily mean you can. It's your responsibility to know.
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