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As for ammo, I know some people shoot them with target velocity ammo, and Aguila makes several low velocity low pressure options -- Colibri I believe is one of them -- that should work.
The Aguila Colibri (hummingbird) Cartridges are designed only for Handguns!
On The Box it is clearly printed, (because I am using a magnifying glass)
These priming mix propelled projectiles "MUST" be fired "ONLY" in handguns. When fired in long-barreled firearms such as rifles, bullets may remain lodged inside the long barrel. A subsequent firing of a regular .22 rimfire cartridge may result in injury or death to the user or others.
I realize there have been some posters that claim to be able to fire these out of their rifles but in the very least one should know beforehand what could happen.
I would suggest the use of .22 Shorts or what today are marketed as CeeBee 22 or such.
This link also,
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