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Ranchers are in trouble and in fear on TX borders

Listen, I for one BELIEVE the ranchers. I do not think it is political and a lie to them. That is just me...lots of comments after the story, one posts a link of a story where the President is saying the border is more secure than ever. Huh? Personally, I have been on this Earth 30something years. I have hope and trust in this country. I don't remember a time when the border issue was more intense though. The cartels seem more aggressive and bold these days.

How do you guys feel about this article?

This one really hit me in the heart, gut, and a couple of other places. it definately has me thinking anyways. I hope this is the right forum?

One thought that crossed my mind when reading: these drug mules get trials, sent back, all these rights. But this is America, what about the rights of these ranchers? It is the federal governments responsibility to protect them and all Americans...
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