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"" How badly do you want to become a felon? ""

Does anyone have any reading comprehension or read past the first few posts? Based on some of the replies I don't think so. As in my 2nd post I said " I WOULD BE LEAVING HOME WITHOUT IT "

Another part of the same post says:

" "Passing through in the course of normal travel" does NOT include sightseeing at specific destinations, it does not include visiting friends or members of the family, and it does not include transacting business. It involves ... traveling. " "

My travel consists of flying in from the SE and driving a car out towards the SW. I will be traveling " through " NY with only a change of transportation mode. ( As in off the plane and into a car )

Now, the part of a post below does make sense and is probably the key to what constitutes travel through a state. Since I will be entering from the SE of one state and exiting NY to the other end of the same state, that would disqualify my movement as traveling through NY as it would be more of a loop.

"" It was enacted to protect travelers while en route from one state to another state. ""

I like to know who things work, that is why I'm asking questions.

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