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Amen to all of the comments.

Now that the sins of my youth, fast motorcycles and jumping out of helos, have caught up with me, I require a cane. It is one more item to use in your defense. A number of Martial Arts instructors offer training in using the cane as a defensive tool. they also make good shooting sticks.

My advice is to recognize your limitations and change your tactics.

If you can't reload mags, get a loading tool and carry more mags.

If you are unstable, us a support.

Mostly, never loose your love of life and your will to live.

I remember the story of an 86 year old Aussie grandmother whose grand daugter was raped. The cops could not locate the perp. Grannie took her husbands WWII Browning High Power,which in her dotage she had forgotten to surrender to the Police, and attempted to apprehend the perp. He resisted and she killed him.

This tough old bird exhibits all of the qualities I hope to have at her age. Determination, will to live, and a deep sense of justice.

Good luck and push on.
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