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KraigWY Like your comment on EOD Technique. As and ex 55D ARMY I was disturbed by the NY announce and demo of the IED used by their latest arrest.

The gangs have shown that they have stratigic thinking. Some have required members to forgo the traditional tattoos in order for them to enter the military, Marines and Army, in order to obtain the unique skill sets of certain MOSs. The effect of this was demonstrated some years back, I believe in San Diego, when an exmarine gangbanger excuted an ambush on two police officers.

Viedo games, as demonstrated in the Padoka KY school shootings, are outstanding training tools for shooting. The shooter had never fired a weapon prior to the shooting. Despite this lack of actual shooting, he did a lot of damage.

The gangs are tough, smart, and motivated. If they arn't they are dead.

The stereo type of crooks being lazy and stupid is for the most part a stero type.

As every one of my instructors and mentors has said, "shooting is 10 percent physcial and 90% mental.

In any situation the will to survive is the key to survival.
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