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Hi all,
I was considering applying for a nj FID card (firearms identification card). I have been shooting and hunting before, but I can only go with pople that have this card If i am denied, do you think it will effect me buying a gun in another state?
I have never heard of any state taking into account whether or not you were denied in another state. Usually it's based on your record with courts and police - i.e. if you've been arrested, convicted, had certain kinds of court ruling issues against you etc etc.

I am thinking of moving to colorado in a couple years if possible. Will colorado ever ask me on a nics form or state form if I was ever denied from getting a firearm?
Not on a NICS form anyway, that's for sure. Since the vast majority of states don't use anything but the NICS form, I think you'll be fine. If you do a federal NICS check today, and you are denied, and then do another one tomorrow, no one will know you were denied the day before.

That said, it is your responsibility to know if you are legal to buy the gun or not. If you're not, but by some fluke you happen to pass the NICS check, you'd still be breaking the law by taking the gun home. Very unlikely scenario however.
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