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Help me understand the law re: carrying a handgun in a car in Texas

I need to know what the law is concerning carrying a gun in my car in Texas.

I've been reading around online and it's only confused me, so I beg your indulgence. I vaguely recall reading somewhere that, a year or two ago, the law was changed such that your car is considered the same as your house: you can keep a gun in it and you don't need a CHL, but you can't have it "on your person," i.e., within reach, without a CHL.

Is this right?

Basically, can I leave a handgun locked up in my trunk and drive around wherever I want? Am I breaking the law if it turns out there's a school somewhere over the hill? Might I be asked to prove that I'm driving to or from a range, etc.?

Thanks, peoples.
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