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Wow all over the place...

When you are talking comparisons to price.

You need to talk more in how much each round cost.

So, the cheapest .22LR is around $0.029 -$0.034 each. Basically about 3 cents each.

Just as a benchmark
$0.03 each
$1.50 for box of 50
$15 for brick of 500

Right now a box of CCI Mini Mag's will run about $7-$8 per box (100 rounds). Making them about $0.07 - $0.08 cent per round.

As an idea for cheap. Let's use Cabela's if you catch it with free shipping.
A box Federal 375 round box for $13. Comes out to be about $0.035 per round. Not factoring in tax or shipping.
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