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WildBill45, if you need something to worry about, I suggest you worry about the bad guys who received training from Uncle Sam first or members of law enforcement who turned to the dark side and become bad guys. These are the scary bad guys, not the ones who still get a large amount of their gun skiills and tactics from homeys on TV.
This is a given, but, and there always is a but in life, the wanna-bes, and purely dumb ones are still very dangerous, and it is these folks that will benefit from too much "REAL" information they would have never considered before seeing or reading such on public forums.

The elite, those who posses speed and top shelf skill sets can match up with anyone ... it is the novice, rookie, and over confident citizen with a gun that concerns me. They will fall prey quicker to all the above, as most students these days "DO NOT" train on their own once they leave whatever place of learning they attended.

Lesson learned folks: NEVER, EVER, quit training!!! Stay safe!

PS: if you are a bad guy, may you leave this planet sooner than planned!

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