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Originally Posted by Want a LCR 22LR
The rules do bring up the question as to what is considered a journey. I would be flying in and driving out back the way I came within a hour so I really don't have a end of trip in NY.
How badly do you want to become a felon?

"Passing through in the course of normal travel" does NOT include sightseeing at specific destinations, it does not include visiting friends or members of the family, and it does not include transacting business. It involves ... traveling.

You posted that you are going TO New York state. To go there and leave the same day suggests that you have something to do while there. Don't try too hard to play sea lawyer -- the law says what the law says. It was enacted to protect travelers while en route from one state to another state. That does not fit your situation. Regardless of how long you'll be stopping in New York, you ARE going "TO" New York, and that's where your inbound journey will end. That's also where your return journey will commence.

Your question about a motel has been discussed at length, and there is no consensus. I would like to think that a reasonable LEO or judge might take the view that no normal human being can drive non-stop from Maine to San Diego, so stopping to catch 40 winks in a motel at a highway interchange should be allowed as part of normal travel. So should stopping to buy gas, eat, and pee. However, there are some who claim that the FOPA would allow none of these activities, even when driving coast-to-coast.

Where we all agree is when you leave the Interstate and detour 100 miles and two hours north to spend an afternoon visiting your great Aunt Mildred, whom you haven't seen in 25 years. It is pretty much universally agreed that Aunt Millie's house is a destination, constituting the end of one "journey" and the start of a new "journey." If you're legal in Aunt Millie's state, no problem. If you're not -- oops.

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